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CRDX personnel have extensive experience working with OEM’s, utilities, independent power producers, and general industrial clients, from application engineering to on site, system start-up and commissioning activities.  We welcome the chance to work with you across any area of project realization including Application Engineering, Technical and Commercial Proposals, Project Execution, and Installation, Start-up and Life-Cycle Support.  

Application Engineering

  • Decades of subject matter expertise across liquid & gas fuel conditioning systems and critical auxiliary systems for large power generators, coupled with ASME Section IX, VIII and III credentials, earns CRDX a seat at the table.

  • We’re ready to work alongside you in the development of project parameters – or to execute build-to-print work.   

Technical & Commercial Proposals

  • We’ll supply your team with a standard “Vendoc” package, typically comprised of a system P&ID, Outline, Customer Interface/Connections, and Elementary Electrical Schematic.  This can be accompanied by budgetary or firm fixed pricing. 

  • Our work with Energy sector OEM’s allows us to benchmark best practices, and to bring a broad set of operational experience into the design phase of a project.

  • During this stage of a project, we look to refine technical requirements and to then move on to optimizing your budget by working with industry-leading suppliers of components/technologies.  

  • Whether your criteria is “technically acceptable/lowest price” or “optimized total life cycle cost”, we’ll help deliver the value you need.

Project Execution

  • If your project is large, or modest in scope, CRDX personnel are committed to coming in on-time, on-budget, and on-spec!

  • We will develop a tailored project ITP that assures clarity of expectations and approval gates, along with milestones and customer witness points – and we’ll establish a project management/communication cadence that keeps critical stakeholders informed and accountable.

Installation, Start-up & Life-Cycle Support

  • When your system arrives on site, CRDX will work with installing contractors in a consultative, or supervisory role.

  • We’ll assure that our product and documentation deliverables meet the needs of operations management – and we’ll remain engaged to assure project success.


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