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Knockout Drums & Scrubbers

  • Primarily installed to remove larger quantities of liquids and solids from the gas stream, typically down to 12 microns.

  • Systems are custom designed to satisfy specific requirements.

Knockout Drum & Scrubbers.png

Absolute Filter/Separators

  • Primarily installed to remove all free liquids and solids from the gas stream, typically down to 0.3 microns.

Absolute Filter_Separators.png

Pressure Regulating System

  • Primary fuel gas pressure regulation is typically installed to reduce the incoming gas pressure to a lower downstream pressure suitable for the combustion gas turbine.

  • A secondary fuel gas pressure regulating system can be installed after the primary system to further reduce gas pressure to what is suitable for secondary systems, such as heat recovery steam generator duct burners, auxiliary boilers and building heating systems.

Pressure Regulating System.png

Fuel Gas Dew Point Heating System

  • Dew point heaters are installed to add superheat, typically up to 50 degrees F, to the fuel gas downstream of the absolute coalescing filter/separator.

  • It is essential that the downstream gas temperature is maintained above critical gas temperatures at which equipment damaging liquids begin condensing out of the gas stream. 

Performance Heaters.png

Performance Heaters 

  • Used in combined cycle applications to improve the overall efficiency of the combustion gas turbine.  Waste heat from the combustion gas turbine is captured by a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) which produces high temperature hot water which is used to preheat the fuel gas supply to the combustion gas turbine.

Performance Heaters.png

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